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MUSE [music signage experience]

MUSE is truly a MUsic Signage Experience and the evolution of Promo Only Networks’ 10-year Digital Signage initiative.  But it is not just a music video playback system - it’s also the most technically capable Digital Signage solution the industry has to offer.

Some of the features include:

  • 10 music video channels to choose from;
  • Text Messaging;
  • R.S.S. Feeds featuring Sports, News, Weather, etc.;
  • Video pass through just in case you need to show the big game and still want to show your branding and promotions as well.

We don't just send you a magic box and hope you can figure it out.  In our experience with clients like Hard Rock Cafes, Dave & Busters, and Buffalo Wild Wings we know excellent customer service has to be included.

That's why we also provide a host of necessary services, including:

  • Nationwide install and technical support team
  • Graphics and video production support
  • Advertising and branding support.

Finally, all content is delivered via broadband, satellite, or wireless in order to provide a timely and relevant experience for the customer.

MUSE Demo Screen

See Full Motion Examples of MUSE.

MUSE Product Shot